Bad News Good News


Feels like yesterday...The Doctor gave me some Bad News I had to sit down for. 

My Doctor gave up on my efforts to shake the Pre-existing conditions on my own and put me on meds.

I was speechless and felt like a failure! I thought I knew what to do but apparently I wasn't doing it right.

I'm not sure what made me document the moment by snapping a selfie but I'm glad I did!  It was a time  just like now, I thought I was going to Lose everything I worked so Hard to Build... My Shop,  the Clients, my Momentum, Security, my Life, ALL at Stake!

Like any serious Barber, I was GRINDING Daily to get ahead. Running on fumes to Win for my Family, my Community and my Business but I forgot about myself in the process.

If there was one thing I always had was Good people in my corner!  Another thing I had was the will to Win!  I figured if I could give myself 1 More Shot and keep it 💯 with myself...with the right support system,  I Could Win! 

I could reverse all that has happened  and remove the threat I faced of Losing everything.  I Had to raise up and do the hard things cause nothing happens laying down 👑.

8 years later...I'm keeping those Pre-existing conditions away but there is a new threat. 

The Good News... I'm much more prepared in the fact that I'm calm in the storm and will do what it takes to get thru safely armed with Knowledge I can Apply.

This time I'm helping my people navigate thru the storm as a Barber For L.I.F.E Coach.  We will Thrive! Not Just Survive.

We are in this together. Barbers for LIFE💈💪🏼

I'm Looking for Strong Barbers who want to Thrive and feel like they are Barbers for LiFE too. Tag one if you know one 💪🏼💪🏽💪🏿 Let's Build.

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